23rd July 2014

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A lot of people think that saying “Asians are so smart” is a compliment, or at least should be considered one, when it really is not.

It gets annoying, because as soon as I get a good grade, it’s because I’m Asian, and not because I tried hard and studied my ass off for it. If you’re reading this…

Im tired of “not being a good asian” because my grades were not the best (i hated homework with a passion and never did it) it also puts a unreal amount of pressure on us because its whats basically expected of us with this stereotype and if we’re not a straight A student its assumed were a failure…

23rd July 2014

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found this gem in the 1996 Cornell Women’s Handbook. it’s what to say when a guy tries to get out of using a condom


found this gem in the 1996 Cornell Women’s Handbook. it’s what to say when a guy tries to get out of using a condom

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23rd July 2014

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Anonymous said: The primary reason most westerners believe all Japanese women have high, squeaky voices is because Japanese voice actresses intentionally pitch their voice to sound higher than their normal voice in anime. Why does this happen? Are high-pitched voices a turn-on in Japanese culture?


This is a troll, but in case anybody actually had that misconception: 1. That is not the main reason this is a stereotype of Japanese women. Most Westerners do not watch anime, and even less watch anime in Japanese. It’s a stereotype because we are infantalized, and viewed as submissive giggling orientals.
2. Some female voice actors will have high-pitched voices because- you guessed it- it’s a cartoon! Like in Western cartoons, people will use different voices then how they sound in real life. In some anime people will use their regular voices. It depends on the level of realism, probably.

12th July 2014

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Cute little marshmallows 

this makes me so happy

Wait. Is that big marshmallow licking that little marshmallow?

Is it a… cannibal?

I think it’s the marshmallow’s mom and it’s trying to comfort the little marshmallow

Maybe it’s a habit specific to the marshmallow species

oh ok

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12th July 2014

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When you see your replacement


When you see your replacement

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29th June 2014

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Lighthouse/anchor tattoo from last night :)

Hmu @ Absolute Tattoo San Diego

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26th June 2014

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Let me tell you a lil something about tattooing old people (70+).

It’s fricking hard. Their skin is so soft it’s like tattooing cream cheese. You have to just tickle it in with the needle. They bruise immediately.

Here’s my first ever attempt at…

Dude tattooing old people is soooooo much harder than someone with younger skin. Its either soft like u said or fucking rhino hide and theres no in between! You did a solid job don’t trip, and fuck the bitch who says you have nerve at least youre doing this shit property not like an idiot scratcher.

26th June 2014

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So this is this is the lovely gal that is claiming to have drawn my Medusa (which is my most stolen design, I drew it custom for my friend Wade and tattooed it on him 2 years ago when I first came to ADTC and have unfortunately seen it tattooed many times since)

I messaged her and tried to handle it internally, but instead of responding to me she apparently posted a video calling me an unoriginal plagiarist cunt. 

Like I would go out of my way to throw a fit if I wasn’t the original artist, I still have that sketch, I even still have the pencil in the original photo, and anyone who is familiar with my work recognizes one of my lady heads right off the bat, I’m not outraged because I’m right - you can’t argue with the person who actually drew it. I feel like a fucking paladin right now with a bubble of righteous glowing might because I am right. There’s no gray area here. 

I’m too tired of this shit constantly happening to really wage war anymore, but I’ll happily put her on front street so any other artists can watch out (apparently she takes tattoo design commissions based off of a portfolio of stolen work.)

Heads up for artist and tattoo plagiarism!

This is so stupid. This girl. 

fuck this shit.  i can’t believe this girl and her dumb friends

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26th June 2014

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26th June 2014

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